Complete transcript of “Face the Country,” Sept. 10, 2023

In this “Face the Country” broadcast, moderated by means of Margaret Brennan: 

  • Vice President Kamala Harris 
  • Rep. French Hill, Republican of Arkansas 
  • Ed O’Keefe, CBS Information senior White Area and political correspondent
  • Retired Gen. Frank McKenzie 
  • David Sanger, New York Instances White Area and nationwide safety correspondent, and Josh Rogin, Washington Submit columnist

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MARGARET BRENNAN: I am Margaret Brennan in Washington.

And this week on Face the Country: a community unique with Vice President Kamala Harris, as most sensible management officers shuttle the arena to shore up alliances.

Fall kicks off with every week of in-person world international relations, as President Biden gathers with most sensible overseas leaders in India. Secretary of State Blinken visits with President Zelenskyy in Ukraine, and Vice President Harris travels to Southeast Asia to discuss with allies concerning the rising danger from China.

Looming massive in all the ones discussions, 3 who were not there. We met up with the vp in Jakarta, Indonesia, and mentioned her efforts within the area, plus the problems she’s taking over as V.P., abortion rights, root reasons of migration and why she thinks Republicans are honing in on her.

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MARGARET BRENNAN: How do you reply to these assaults? That isn’t a coverage. That is about you.

KAMALA HARRIS (Vice President of america): They really feel the want to assault as a result of they are scared.

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MARGARET BRENNAN: Plus, do American citizens suppose there must be most age limits for politicians? Our new ballot has some fascinating findings.

Then, 22 years after 9/11 and two years following the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, we will be able to communicate with the previous head of Central Command Basic Frank McKenzie McKenzie.

Arkansas Republican French Hill joins us to discuss nationwide safety and what is at the congressional time table, as Area contributors head again to Washington for the autumn consultation.

It is all simply forward on Face the Country.

Just right morning, and welcome to Face the Country.

The studies and the images coming in from Morocco, the place an earthquake hit Friday, are shocking. Greater than 2,000 are useless. And that quantity is predicted to climb, as rescuers desperately attempt to in finding survivors within the rubble. The quake is the most powerful to hit a North African nation in 120 years. And the U.S. Geological Survey put it at a 6.8 magnitude.

In different overseas information, President Biden met with leaders of the G20. The ones are the 20 biggest economies on the planet. Significantly lacking, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping. We will be able to have extra at the president’s go back and forth later within the broadcast.

Vice President Kamala Harris has additionally been conferring with allies. We met up together with her in Indonesia overdue ultimate week for the ASEAN Summit, a community of countries in Southeast Asia. Whilst we have been there, our polling unit surveyed American citizens concerning the activity the vp is doing again house. Her approval score tracks in a similar way to President Biden’s at 41 %.

Republicans were focusing a large number of their assaults on Harris, highlighting that she can be in line for the activity of president must anything else occur to President Biden. And it’s Republicans who say they’ve heard so much about her paintings, extra so than Democrats.

Our dialog in Jakarta allowed us the chance to invite about her paintings and much more.

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MARGARET BRENNAN: So, you are 58 now. When you win a 2d time period, as you and the president are working to do, he can be 86 on the finish of it.

And we’re seeing Republican applicants hone in on you, specifically, as being subsequent up for that activity. Nikki Haley says:

NIKKI HALEY (R-Presidential Candidate): A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for a President Kamala Harris.


FORMER GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE (R-New Jersey) (Presidential Candidate): I need to be transparent that I pray each and every night time for Joe Biden’s excellent well being, now not simplest as a result of he is our president, however as a result of who our vp is.


GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS (R-Florida) (Presidential Candidate): Harris is his impeachment insurance coverage. Other folks know, if she have been president, Katy bar the door, as dangerous as Biden did, it will worsen.

MARGARET BRENNAN: How do you reply to all of that?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: We are handing over for the American folks.

And the truth of it’s that, sadly, only a few of those that would problem our management in reality have a plan for The us. You take a look at what now we have completed, Margaret. We’ve created over 800,000 new production jobs in The us, 13 million new jobs, unemployment at file lows.

We’ve capped the price of insulin for seniors at $35 a month, capped the price of pharmaceuticals on an annual foundation at $2,000.

MARGARET BRENNAN: They are speaking about…


MARGARET BRENNAN: … what you might do as president as being a possibility. They are honing in on you.

Why do you suppose this is? How do you reply to these assaults? That isn’t about coverage. That is about you.

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Concentrate, this isn’t new. There may be not anything new about that.

I imply, pay attention, I’m — in my occupation, I used to be a occupation prosecutor. I used to be the primary lady elected district legal professional of San Francisco, a big town on this nation, and reelected. I used to be the primary lady legal professional common of the second one biggest Division of Justice in america and reelected.

I used to be a United States senator. I represented one in 8 American citizens, and I am now vp of america. They really feel the want to assault as a result of they are scared that we will be able to win, in response to the benefit of the paintings that Joe Biden and I and our management has carried out.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However even Democrats are nervous concerning the president’s age.

“The Wall Side road Magazine” had a ballot appearing two-thirds of Democrats say Joe Biden is just too previous to run once more. Are you ready to be commander in leader?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Sure I’m, if important. However Joe Biden goes to be fantastic.

And let me let you know one thing. I paintings with Joe Biden each day. Beneath Joe Biden’s management, now we have reworked and are within the procedure of remodeling The us’s infrastructure with a historical funding in, now not simplest roads and bridges, however high-speed Web, what we’re doing round problems like lead pipes. And I may just move on and on.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you taking the specter of a 2d Trump presidency severely sufficient?


MARGARET BRENNAN: You have been dismissive of one of the crucial Republican grievance of you and the president.

While you take a look at present polling, the front-runner for the Republican nomination is the previous president, the forty fifth president.

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: We will be able to win reelection.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you’re feeling — you are going to win?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: We will be able to win. We will be able to win reelection. There’s an excessive amount of at stake, and the American folks realize it.

MARGARET BRENNAN: When it comes to handing over on guarantees, you for your portfolio have tackled the problem of the foundation reason behind migration.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol noticed a file selection of migrant households move the border within the month of August, this in spite of that file degree of warmth. Why is that taking place now? You have rolled out new insurance policies.

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: World wide, we’re seeing an build up in abnormal migration. And there are a variety of things at play, an build up in authoritarian regimes, what we are seeing on the subject of excessive climate occurrences, what we are seeing on the subject of, in lots of puts world wide, expanding meals lack of confidence.

So there are lots of causes for why this is occurring. And — and The us is — isn’t proof against that. The purpose must be, then, to grasp what we will have to do to take care of, one, making sure that we have got a safe, humane and orderly coverage concerning the border, but additionally what we will have to do in the long run to handle the foundation reasons of migration.

The paintings that I’ve been doing in that regard has been to construct public- personal partnerships, to the level that we have got now raised over $4 billion to put money into the nations in that area.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However that migration knowledge, in step with CBP, is appearing migrants from Guatemala are up, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru.

So, when the border crossings went down previous in the summertime, the management stated it used to be because of your insurance policies running. Now they are going again up as they did within the month of August. Does that display the method is now not running?


What it manner is that we need to keep fascinated about a lot of problems associated with the abnormal migration that, once more, we are seeing around the globe. And The us isn’t immune. You recognize, my philos…

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, you suppose the method is operating, in spite of the numbers being up?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: General, we’re seeing growth, however there may be — we aren’t going to have a continuing — there are going to be fluctuations.

This is customary, similar to the elements fluctuates and — and instances differ, reminiscent of elections in the ones areas and what that would possibly imply. It does not imply that we stay our foot off the fuel. We need to keep centered and perceive there must be a long-term technique, in addition to a momentary technique.

And here is — here is the ground…

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, used to be it too early to mention that the method used to be running when the numbers went down for 2 months?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: My level is that that specialize in root reasons…


VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: … and doing the paintings that we have got been doing to convey U.S. funding into the ones nations in some way this is supportive in their economies and supportive of preventing corruption in reality works.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You could have been very lively at the factor of abortion and rallying at the back of the speculation of this federal regulation to revive what used to be upheld in Roe v. Wade.

However, to do this, Democrats want 60 votes within the Senate, they want a majority within the Area they do not have, they want the presidency. The mathematics does not upload up. So do not you wish to have to degree with the American folks and say this isn’t a sensible promise to make for 2024?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Congress has the facility to position again in position the rights that the Preferrred Courtroom took from the ladies of The us.

MARGARET BRENNAN: In principle. It does not have the votes to do this.

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: However that is why now we have elections. And that is the reason why we’re seeing round this nation that, when this factor is at the poll, from Kansas to California, folks vote in desire of upholding elementary freedoms.

The majority of American citizens agree that the federal government must now not be making this determination for the ladies of The us.

MARGARET BRENNAN: What’s it that you simply consider? I imply, what week of being pregnant must abortion get admission to be bring to an end?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: We want to repair the protections of Roe v. Wade.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Which used to be…

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: We are not looking to do one thing new.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Smartly, that used to be nebulous, as it used to be about viability, which may well be any place between 20 to 24 weeks. And…

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Nevertheless it — so, no, no, no, no, no.

Let’s — let me be very transparent…

MARGARET BRENNAN: That is — that used to be within the Ladies’s Well being Coverage Act that the White Area additionally recommended.

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Let me be — let me be very transparent.

From day one, the president has been transparent. I’ve been transparent. We want to put again the protections which are in Roe v. Wade into regulation. Because the Preferrred Courtroom took it, Congress has the ability and talent to cross regulation to position the ones protections again in regulation, and Joe Biden will signal that invoice. So, that’s what we wish.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However does it want to be particular on the subject of defining the place that ensure is going as much as and the place it does now not, at which week of being pregnant?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: We want to put again in position the protections of Roe v. Wade.


MARGARET BRENNAN: You recognize why I am asking you this query regardless that, as a result of …

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: However we aren’t looking to — however we aren’t looking to do anything else that didn’t exist earlier than June of ultimate yr. We say…

MARGARET BRENNAN: Smartly, it wasn’t crafted into regulation. And that is the reason why I am asking you for the specifics there…


MARGARET BRENNAN: … as a result of Republicans say the loss of an exact date in slicing it off — you recognize this — is, they are saying that permits Democrats to accomplish abortions up till start.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Which is statistically now not correct.


MARGARET BRENNAN: I remember the fact that…

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: And it is a mischaracterization of the purpose.



MARGARET BRENNAN: However — however do you wish to have to be extra exact?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: The president is, we need to — I’m being exact.

We want to put into regulation the protections of Roe v. Wade. And that’s about going again to the place we have been earlier than the Dobbs determination.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But when — if there may be the chance thru regulation to offer any more or less ensure on the federal degree, any more or less coverage, just like the Republican proposal, 15 weeks coverage…


MARGARET BRENNAN: … is it value doing one thing?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: However the Republicans — member — contributors of the Republican Birthday celebration also are proposing a countrywide ban.

The article that…

MARGARET BRENNAN: I am speaking concerning the Lindsey Graham invoice, as you recognize…


MARGARET BRENNAN: … and — and the ones proposals of giving some get admission to, regardless that that is 15 weeks. Why do you suppose it should not be particular?

You recognize, out in — out in New Mexico, for instance, the governor there says it should not be nailed all the way down to every week, as it must be a personal subject between a girl and her physician. There should not be an exact quantity placed on that.

Is that what you consider as smartly?

VICE PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: I consider that we must put the protections of Roe v. Wade into regulation, and the way in which that can occur is that if now we have a United States Congress who, irrespective of their private view for themselves or their circle of relatives, would agree that the ladies of The us must be depended on to make choices about their existence and their frame, in response to what they know to be of their best possible passion.

It is that straightforward.

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MARGARET BRENNAN: We will be able to have extra of our interview with the vp in our subsequent 30 minutes.

We will be able to be again in a single minute. Stick with us.


MARGARET BRENNAN: We move now to Arkansas Republican Congressman French Hill, who joins us from Little Rock.

Just right morning to you, Congressman.

REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL (R-Arkansas): Just right morning, Margaret.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Lawmakers are coming again right here to Washington this week.

And they’ve simply 11 running days left to fund the federal government earlier than September 30. Speaker McCarthy has already stated it seems like we are headed in opposition to a momentary patch, as opposed to in reality passing some of these appropriation expenses. Are you assured we will keep away from a shutdown?

REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL: I am hopeful we will keep away from a shutdown.

And the #1 factor that I believe Area Republicans want to do — and I’ve undoubtedly prompt all my colleagues in this level — Margaret, is get the opposite 11 expenses that we have got now not handed all through the summer time around the Area ground. We have simplest handed one, and the Senate’s handed 12.

So, that provides them a definite benefit over the Area within the negotiation for 2024 spending main points. And if we need to benefit that and feature the correct of negotiation that Area conservatives need, then we want to come in combination and cross the ones 11 expenses once conceivable, together with the usage of a short lived proceeding solution, if important, so as to get that paintings carried out.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, the precise flank of your celebration opposes that short- time period, that proceeding solution that you simply discussed there.

Are we going to be having a look right here at any other state of affairs the place, in spite of having a majority, Republicans will want Democrats to get this over the end line?

REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL: However, you recognize, that is what is — I believe it’s — it’s irritating.

We do not keep an eye on the Senate. We do not keep an eye on the White Area. However what we do keep an eye on is our personal appropriations procedure. And Chairman Kay Granger has written extra conservative expenses and extra conservative investment ranges than the Senate, extra conservative than the debt ceiling deal that President Biden and Speaker McCarthy agreed to. In order that’s excellent.

However to have that negotiating clout, we want to get all the ones expenses handed around the Area ground.


REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL: A central authority shutdown isn’t going to make stronger that scenario. And a long-term proceeding solution simplest institutionalizes ultimate yr’s Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden priorities.

I don’t believe Area conservatives need that to occur.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you speaking about brief time period simply taking us to December or so?

REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL: No, brief time period — to me, brief time period is shorter than that.

I believe I’d undoubtedly improve one thing within the October time period to offer the Area the time it wishes to finish — entire those different 11 expenses. They have got come thru committee.


REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL: Other folks have their amendments able. We simply want ground time to discuss them and cross them.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Smartly, that is a large number of paintings to get carried out in a brief window. And it isn’t transparent that Republican management has keep an eye on of all portions of your celebration, as I discussed.

Marjorie Taylor Greene stated she is not going to vote to fund the federal government except “We’ve handed an impeachment inquiry on Joe Biden.”

Is {that a} tactic management is thinking about?

REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL: I would not have perception on that. I’d doubt that, as a result of I don’t believe Jamie Comer, the chairman of the Oversight Committee, or Jim Jordan, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, suppose that is a good suggestion.

I do not consider they have even remotely finished their paintings on the type of detailed investigations and high quality paintings that Speaker McCarthy is anticipating each the ones committees to supply earlier than any individual is going to an impeachment job.

We do not need to repeat the errors we predict that Nancy Pelosi made by means of in advance shifting to impeachment all through the Trump management.


Smartly, the opposite a part of the precise wing of your caucus that is elevating considerations is particular to the portion of assist that President Biden is inquiring for to assist Ukraine, a supplemental request, $44 billion, 24 for Ukraine, $16 billion for herbal failures, $4 billion to combat the go with the flow of fentanyl.

Are you going to swallow the ones numbers? How vital are you going to trim them?

REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL: Smartly, glance, I believe a majority of Area Republicans would like that the ones core spending pieces, now not such a lot the FEMA emergency numbers, however the different numbers, be treated in the course of the current funds and appropriations procedure. And that is the reason going to reason fear for a large number of Area Republicans, now not simply conservatives, within the Area convention.

We would like to look that integrated within the budgets that we are already negotiating now. I in my view improve ejecting Putin from Ukraine. I improve investment for Ukraine. I simply offered this week the Ukraine Reconstruction Act, which converts Russian property to pay for the warfare and pay for reconstruction of Ukraine.

So, that is one thing, a struggle that we want to win. And we are going to determine how best possible to do this in the following few weeks.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Smartly, any other battlefield the place Russia has been lively is in Syria.

I do know you simply paid a seek advice from there, the primary time a lawmaker visited since 2017, when John McCain went. I am questioning why you probably did and what it’s you are asking U.S. allies to do.

REPRESENTATIVE FRENCH HILL: Smartly, I sought after to look for myself the loss of life and destruction led to by means of 12 years of Assad’s brutality towards his personal folks.

He stated: Stay me in administrative center, or I can wreck the rustic.

And he is undoubtedly carried out that. Simply ultimate week, Russian airplane flew 41 sorties, killing some 40 folks in Syria, together with 15 kids. So, I went around the border with my colleagues Ben Cline from Virginia and Scott Fitzgerald from Wisconsin, and we met with orphans that have been orphaned on the Knowledge Area orphanage, which is supported by means of glorious, beneficiant donors right here in Little Rock, Arkansas, to look photos in their child — their folks killed by means of Assad.

What we’d like is for the entire international to have a political strategy to Syria. And let’s acknowledge that that is the primary battleground that Vladimir Putin started killing blameless civilians a number of years earlier than he went into Ukraine.

Those are — this can be a failure of the nationwide and international management. And we want to proceed to do so to discover a political resolution and bring to an end Assad’s investment, bring to an end his talent to have a drug business during the arena and get assist to the folks in Northwest Syria that — which are sufferers of the February earthquakes.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Congressman, there’s a lot to unpack on Syria with you, and I’m hoping to do this once more once more.

Thanks on your time nowadays.


MARGARET BRENNAN: We will be proper again.


MARGARET BRENNAN: We additionally surveyed American citizens about any other large factor in politics in this day and age, age and the facility to serve successfully over the age of 75.

Greater than three-quarters of American citizens, it doesn’t matter what their political association is, desire most age limits for elected officers. Simply over part say the activity of president or senator is just too difficult for any individual over the age of 75, even if greater than a 3rd of the ones surveyed stated it relies.

Even supposing 68 % of American citizens say age brings enjoy, this is outweighed by means of the roughly 8 in 10 American citizens who’re involved that elected officers may well be out of contact or not able to do the activity previous the age of 75.

There may be much more about our ballot on our Internet web site at

We will be able to be again in a second.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Welcome again to Face the Country.

We need to flip now to senior White Area and political correspondent Ed O’Keefe, who’s touring with the president in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Ed, this can be a fast go back and forth, simply 24 hours. However it is a part of President Biden’s option to counter a emerging China.

ED O’KEEFE: That is proper, Margaret.

The president met this night time with the highest leaders of Vietnam, who’re in quest of what they name a complete strategic partnership now with america, a dating that might put the U.S. on par with China and Russia, and that White Area officers hope manner, sooner or later, Vietnam will finally end up purchasing much more U.S. army apparatus, because the Biden management seeks to counter China on this area.

The prevent right here in Hanoi comes after the president made a seek advice from to the G20 summit in India on Saturday. There used to be a large number of dialog about subjects of shock for the president, local weather alternate, financial building, and infrastructure spending.

There used to be additionally a joint commentary from the leaders of the G20 that expressed common fear concerning the struggling of the folks of Ukraine, however no more potent denunciation of the warfare there. That is partly as a result of, in fact, Russia and China are contributors of the G20, and India is formally impartial at the warfare.

Nonetheless, the White Home is happy that there used to be any point out at the entire scenario in Ukraine. And the seek advice from comes amid new CBS Information polling that presentations tricky grievance for the president relating to overseas coverage. Fifty % of American citizens consider he’s making america weaker around the globe, 57 % consider he is being too simple on China, and 7 in 10 American citizens have a pessimistic view at the potentialities for international peace.

The seek advice from right here in Vietnam will finish Monday with a prevent on the memorial to the web site the place former Senator John McCain used to be shot down over the skies of Vietnam. And on his method house to Washington on 9/11, he’s going to commemorate the terrorist assaults with a prevent and a seek advice from with troops in Alaska — Margaret.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Ed O’Keefe with the president in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We will be able to be proper again.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Even supposing it used to be now not sudden that Vladimir Putin would skip the G-20 Summit, Chinese language President Xi Jinping’s absence used to be famous, each there and on the ASEAN Summit. President Biden instructed journalists nowadays in Hanoi that he used to be involved China used to be, quote, converting the principles of the sport, and that he met with Chinese language Premier Li Qiang, who did attend each conferences.

Here is extra of our dialog with the vp.


MARGARET BRENNAN: China’s rewriting the worldwide order. Your nationwide safety technique says they’re the one energy on the planet with the intent and the facility to do this.

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: There is not any query that we’re very involved concerning the Chinese language executive’s movements at the South China Sea and the way this is impacting the protection and the longer term prosperity of the international locations which are affected.

As an example, I used to be just lately within the Philippines. And I have been spending a large number of time with President Marcos. The — what is occurring on the subject of unprovoked movements towards the Philippine pursuits within the South China Sea is very important. And now we have been very transparent that we stand with the Philippines.

MARGARET BRENNAN: They are a treaty alley.

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: They’re. Completely. Sure, they’re.

MARGARET BRENNAN: The U.S. must militarily protect them.

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: No longer simplest is there a treaty dating, however the very elementary factor that the American folks will enjoy and really feel if we aren’t – if we aren’t on most sensible of it’s what that can imply on the subject of trade flowing freely thru the ones waters.

MARGARET BRENNAN: How involved are the leaders you spoke with right here about the possibility of an army conflict?

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: I believe the problem this is most modern right here a few of the southeast Asian leaders is that there be a appreciate for and enforcement of world regulations and norms. However they hope that there might be an avoidance of struggle. And that there’s a nice symmetry between that and our coverage towards China. We don’t invite struggle, however we completely are ready to and engaged in what’s important to compete.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So when President Biden stated the opposite day that China used to be a ticking time bomb, he used to be speaking about their present financial issues that they’re experiencing. He stated, that isn’t excellent as a result of when dangerous other people have issues they do dangerous issues.

What’s the state of affairs that you’re excited about and nervous about probably the most?

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: We, as america, and our coverage isn’t about decoupling, it’s about de-risking. It’s about working out.

MARGARET BRENNAN: It is not about pulling out U.S. army.

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: It is not about pulling out, however it’s about make sure that we’re protective American pursuits and that we’re a pacesetter on the subject of the principles of the street, versus following others’ regulations.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However President Biden used to be communicate — I believe he used to be speaking concerning the financial issues inside of China at this time. He gave the impression to be suggesting that Xi Jinping would possibly take some more or less motion.

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: It is no secret that China is experiencing financial issues. And – and what you are going to in finding is — undoubtedly in my conversations with American industry leaders is that they’re having a look on the long run on the subject of their capital investments and taking into consideration which nations are engaged in practices which are about abiding by means of the rule of thumb of regulation and world regulations and norms in some way that they may be able to be assured that there might be some balance so they may be able to make long-term investments. There’s increasingly more an working out that China is probably not the most efficient wager if you end up on the lookout for balance, if you end up on the lookout for an funding in a spot the place there may be an adherence to and appreciate for world regulations and norms.

MARGARET BRENNAN: This November america will host a large summit of leaders in San Francisco.


MARGARET BRENNAN: China stated a couple of days in the past, their state safety provider, the U.S. wishes to turn enough sincerity earlier than Xi Jinping has the same opinion to seek advice from.

How essential is it for Xi Jinping to come back to The us in November?

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Smartly, it is very important the order of items, if you are going to, the stableness of items, that we stay open traces of communique.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You have been in the similar room with China’s quantity two nowadays.

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Sure, I’ve – and I’ve in reality met with President Xi as smartly.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Did you communicate to him? Did you communicate to him nowadays?

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Smartly, we exchanged pleasantries, sure. Sure.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However it is nonetheless a bit of hectic?

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: I don’t believe it is as easy, if you are going to, as whether or not there may be stress. Sure, there may be stress if you end up in a contest of any type, however that doesn’t imply {that a} we’re in quest of struggle.


VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: And I believe you must now not conflate the 2.

Do now we have disagreements, for instance, very critical disagreements about what is going down within the South China Sea? Sure. And we are very transparent about that. So, one may just argue that there is stress there.

However you glance, for instance, at business. 90-nine % of our business isn’t influenced by means of what we’re doing on the subject of the limitations on exports.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, you need Xi Jinping to come back in November?

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: I believe he’s completely crucial participant on this area of the arena. And if he comes, then that might be, I am certain, one thing which may be productive.

MARGARET BRENNAN: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, as you recognize, is predicted, in step with U.S. intelligence, to move meet with Vladimir Putin in Russia, in trade for some army improve probably right here.

How destabilizing would that be for Asia?

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: I believe it will be an enormous mistake. I believe it will be an enormous mistake. Initially, whilst you take a look at Russia’s unprovoked warfare on Ukraine, and the concept they would offer ammunition to Russia, smartly, it is predictable the place that finally ends up.

I additionally consider very strongly that for each Russia and North Korea, this may additional isolate them in —

MARGARET BRENNAN: One of the maximum sanctioned nations on the planet at this level.

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: However one day it is only a step too a long way.

MARGARET BRENNAN: What’s that step too a long way? I imply, what’s it that Kim Jong-un is looking for? Is it nuclear submarines, as our allies in Seoul have stated they are concerned with? Is it satellites? What does that do right here in Asia?

VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: Our allies are telling you — us about their fear about what is going down on the subject of North Korea. We’re all completely transparent and unequivocal about our objective of the entire denuclearization of North Korea. But if we take into accounts the — Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, we are — many, maximum, are very transparent additionally. It is an absolute violation of one of the essential agreements that we have got around the globe on the subject of world regulations and norms, which is the significance of sovereignty and territorial integrity. And, Margaret, I — on that subject, I — it is extremely transparent that Russia has — obviously they are very determined. They’ve already skilled a strategic failure. So, obviously that is an act of desperation at the a part of Russia. However it will be an enormous mistake for Korea to try this – for North Korea to try this.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Our complete interview with the vp is on our web page and YouTube channel.

We will be proper again.


MARGARET BRENNAN: We move now to retired Marine Corps Basic Frank McKenzie, who used to be the top of U.S. Central Command from 2019 to 2022.

Welcome again to FACE THE NATION, sir.

The following day —

GEN. FRANK MCKENZIE (RET), (Former Commander of U.S. Central Command): Margaret, excellent to be with you this morning.

MARGARET BRENNAN: The following day is the 22-year mark after the assaults of 9/11. And this Friday a senior U.S. intelligence authentic instructed journalists that al Qaeda is at a historical low level and revival is not likely in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I’m wondering for those who suppose we are on the level the place the U.S. can claim victory?

FRANK MCKENZIE: Smartly, it is excellent information about al Qaeda. I believe ISIS is in reality the extra enduring danger at this time. Al Qaeda is torn with interior theocratic debates. ISIS isn’t. And I do consider that ISIS, specifically in Afghanistan, is making the most of the huge ungoverned areas which are there. And I consider they’re, in truth, accumulating power. I’d now not dispute the judgment on al Qaeda.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Smartly, your successor, the present CENTCOM commander, stated ISIS may just do an exterior operation towards the U.S. in underneath six months.

How must American citizens remember the fact that danger from Afghanistan?

FRANK MCKENZIE: Smartly, I consider ISIS has all the time sought after to assault us right here in our place of origin as a core tenant, a core trust of theirs. And one of the most causes that we have been in Afghanistan used to be to forestall the usage of that nation as a base from which to assemble power and both to direct or encourage assaults on our homelands or the homelands of our allies. On account of our withdraw from Afghanistan, it’s now way more tough for us to pursue the ones goals.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Smartly, you have made no secret of the truth that now as a personal citizen you hostile each President Biden and President Trump’s determination to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. In June, Biden used to be requested about one of the crucial documented screw ups of that withdraw. And here is what he stated.


JOE BIDEN (President Of The US): As a result of take into account what I stated about Afghanistan. I stated al Qaeda would now not be there. I stated it would not be there. I stated we might get assist from the Taliban. I used to be proper.


MARGARET BRENNAN: What do you are making of the president’s characterization of the U.S. running with the Taliban?

FRANK MCKENZIE: After all, I do not see that intelligence reporting anymore, however the whole thing up till April 2022, which is once I stopped studying it, led me to consider that Taliban would act simplest within the mild in their perfect passion. And whilst they may – they may – they may make some brief lodging, as they did after we withdrew from Afghanistan, they were not to be depended on and so they in reality have a long-term familial and common dating with al Qaeda. And it is very tough to suppose that might alternate. I believe that dating is a long way more potent than any possible dating they make a selection with america.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You oversaw that evacuation. And you have testified to Congress in the past that the U.S. didn’t have any alternative to take out that suicide bomber who took the lives of the 13 American citizens who died August two years in the past.

However in contemporary months, a Marine sniper has testified to Congress that he had the bomber in his attractions, and he used to be now not licensed to take the shot. Do you stand by means of your preliminary commentary?

FRANK MCKENZIE: Sure, I do, Margaret. And the purpose I’d make is that this. As the times wound as much as the twenty sixth of August, which used to be the day of the strike, we have been having a look at 4 vital threats. We have been having a look at a car born IED assault, a automobile with a bomb in it, that we concept used to be very actual, in truth used to be being ready. We have been having a look at a suicide vest assault of the – of the kind that in reality happened at the twenty sixth. We have been having a look at oblique hearth, rockets or mortars, directed towards the airfield, after which we have been having a look at the opportunity of an insider assault, anyone who were given previous our checkpoints with a bomb and used to be in a position to set it off both within the crowded terminal space or on an plane.

So, the purpose I’d make is, glance, there have been a large number of threats being labored at all times.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However there used to be not anything that you simply noticed indicating that there used to be a choice made to not take a shot? Not anything that might substantiate what this person stated underneath sworn testimony?

FRANK MCKENZIE: No. What I will be able to let you know is that tactical devices at the flooring went in with regulations of engagement, what we name ROE in our industry, that have been tough sufficient so they can protect themselves. And we in reality exercised that proper on a number of events in protection of the airfield the place we engaged goals that looked to be threatening. So, the principles of engagement have been in position.

As to what in reality took place at the flooring on the tactical degree down within a rifle squad or a platoon, smartly, Margaret, I — I do not know the solution to that. So I will be able to’t – I will be able to’t assist you to with that exact one.

However I know we had excellent regulations of engagement. They have been the status regulations of engagement that we have now had. Other folks have been smartly skilled in the ones regulations of engagement and knew learn how to practice them.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I need to additionally ask you, as former CENTCOM commander, about Iran. We’ve noticed a buildup by means of the management of Marines, warships within the area. On the similar time, a little of a thaw with Iran with this possible prisoner trade going down and the discharge of $6 billion in unfrozen Iranian oil reserve cash.

How must American citizens at house take into accounts Iran now given what is going down?

FRANK MCKENZIE: Iran stays probably the most vital danger to peace within the area and so they proceed to pursue in the end a coverage of ejecting america and different western international locations from the area. That hasn’t modified. That – that is a – and a go back to hegemonic energy within the area. All the ones stay core objectives of Iran.

Now, they are going to do so much tactically to realize sanctions aid. And that is the reason, in my judgement, that is what they are doing now. The core downside of Iran has now not long past away. In truth it is worsened as a result of during the last ten years Iran has considerably higher the features and capability in their ballistic missiles, they’ve hundreds of the ones, of land assault cruise missiles, low flying missiles, and in addition drones. And the ones give them the potential to realize what we’d name overmatch towards the neighbors.

That is an important – that is an important upward push in Iranian features. We have a tendency to fail to remember that from time to time as a result of we glance arduous on the nuclear factor. And the nuclear factor is essential. However the problems that is – that poses a danger this afternoon is the Iranian capacity with their missiles.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Basic, thanks on your overview and your time nowadays.

We will be again in a second.


MARGARET BRENNAN: We are again for some research with David Sanger of “The New York Instances” and “Washington Submit” columnist Josh Rogin.

Just right morning to you each. Just right to have you ever right here.

DAVID SANGER, (White Area and Nationwide Safety Correspondent, “The New York Instances”): Just right morning, Margaret.

JOSH ROGIN, (Overseas Coverage and Nationwide Safety Columnist, “Washington Submit”): Just right to be right here.

You recognize, David, I would like first of all you. I do know you have been having a look so much at nice energy festival. Within the ultimate Chilly Conflict, southeast Asia, Asia used to be an epicenter of this shutdown. And as soon as once more we’re having a look at Asia changing into an actual center of attention right here for nice energy festival, this time at once with China.

I’m wondering the way you suppose the Biden management is doing thus far in countering the stability?

DAVID SANGER: Smartly, thus far much better, I believe, than maximum in their predecessors. And in that I’d – I would come with each President Trump and President Obama. They have a technique to check out to win again the allegiance of nations during the Pacific. And so you have noticed agreements that experience ranged down in the course of the Solomon Islands and New Guinea, puts that individuals actually hadn’t considered in america very a lot, up in the course of the Philippines, as you have been discussing with Vice President Harris, and with Vietnam.

I take into account being at the first go back and forth an American president took to Vietnam, it used to be Invoice Clinton, and it used to be just about all about reconciliation with the warfare. What I assumed used to be fascinating concerning the president’s press convention, which ran simply as you started the display right here, is, there used to be nearly no connection with the Vietnam Conflict. It used to be actually all about China itself and its influences, Russia and its influences. And what the president did not say, as my “Instances” colleagues have reported, is that Vietnam has simply signed an fingers deal secretly with Russia.


DAVID SANGER: And did so simply earlier than the president arrived. So, you are seeing a large number of nations hedging and looking to stay one foot in each camps.

MARGARET BRENNAN: And, Josh, you have been with me on that very lengthy transit to Indonesia and also you spoke with Vice President Harris as smartly. One of the vital issues she — she did not lay in the market, however the broader technique appears to be development this constellation of nations that do not actually like Beijing, however are not able to essentially declare allegiance. They simply need a bit of bit extra dating control right here.

What’s it that you simply suppose used to be completed?

JOSH ROGIN: Proper. Smartly, I believe, you recognize, we communicate so much concerning the U.S.- China dating for evident causes. However the reality is that the Indo- Pacific technique is so much larger than China. And the place the true motion is, is with all of those different nations. And we see the geopolitical shifts within the area, Japan and Korea, coming to Camp David for the primary time. We see the Eastern and the Philippines running in combination greater than they ever have earlier than. This isn’t led to as a result of a us however there is a chance for america to benefit from those call for indicators coming from allies, and I believe that is what Vice President Harris used to be there to do.

And I do not know about your opinion, Margret, however my opinion is that she did it — represented america admirably and assuredly and confirmed that she had a command of the problems and a excellent rapport with a number of of those Asian leaders, whom she has met with on many journeys time and again. And did she remedy the entire international’s issues in 36 hours? No. And will she remedy the truth that our Indo-Pacific technique lacks a strong financial and funding part, no. However she did the arduous paintings of assembly with those folks and listening to them out. And however what they stated to her and to you and to me may be very transparent, is that they are caught there in that area with China, whether or not they find it irresistible or now not.


JOSH ROGIN: They would like The us within the area. They do not know if they may be able to rely on our long-term dedication. They wish to see more cash at the desk. However this used to be a small step, I believe, in the precise path.

MARGARET BRENNAN: The only section that a few of the ones nations can rely on are the ones nations the place there may be a real treaty, proper? And I believe it’s value reminding people who 5 of our seven treaty allies are in Asia. So, the U.S. may just get drawn right into a struggle. So those skirmishes within the Philippines or issues which are going down in those far-flung puts in reality may just pull in U.S. army motion and require it, David.

DAVID SANGER: That is our greatest possibility at this time, which is one thing unintended.


DAVID SANGER: You can remember the fact that the Bush management, George W. Bush, started with its first large overseas coverage disaster used to be an American aircraft that collided with a Chinese language aircraft, each intelligence aircraft and a fighter, and (INAUDIBLE) took days to get the workforce again.

At the moment there may be such a lot job from the South China Sea down in the course of the Philippines that that is a large possibility. And also you discussed North Korea, the place they are in, clearly, you recognize, the international relations that you simply noticed President Trump have interaction in, in the end fail. The North Korean nuclear arsenal is bigger than it has ever been. They have got simply introduced out a submarine that can or would possibly not have the ability to elevate nuclear guns. And the cooperation that we as soon as had from China and Russia to resolve this downside is long past.


DAVID SANGER: Why? Since the Russians want fingers from the North Koreans and seems like in the following few days we might see Kim Jong-un display as much as meet Vladimir Putin.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Precisely. And that is the reason value declaring as a result of after we listen about world regulations primarily based order, that is in response to the U.N. And two of the ones actors you simply mentioned have veto energy there. So, we are actually seeing this new territory overseas coverage smart.

Josh, you recognize, one of the most issues that moves me is how in moderation the management parses and choices its phrases when it refers to anything else having to do with China. Then U.S. Ambassador Rahm Emanuel tweeted, and he went there, “President Xi’s cupboard lineup is corresponding to Agatha Christie’s novel, ‘And Then There Have been None’.” He is speaking concerning the overseas minister going lacking, the rocket drive commanders going lacking. The protection minister hasn’t been noticed in two weeks. He stated, “who is going to win this unemployment race? China’s early life or Xi’s cupboard?”

Rather provocative however pointing to a couple actual interior problems probably inside of China’s most sensible management.

JOSH ROGIN: Proper. I imply everyone knows Rahm Emanuel in Japan I have been to Tokyo just lately. They name him the Rahm-bassador. They name him like a – you recognize, the – the — the junkyard canine that you simply chain up close to – close to the – the Chinese language that may bark at them. And that is the reason now not precisely completely coordinated within the management, to be truthful, however it isn’t as though they are preventing him both. And also you noticed for your interview with Vice President Harris and President Biden’s press convention, they are very cautious when speaking about China.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Very cautious.

JOSH ROGIN: After which there may be Rahm. And he isn’t — however what he is pronouncing is correct, that the extent of secrecy within Xi Jinping’s regime is unparalleled. And that – in additional than anything is what is inflicting a large number of the uncertainty and possibility of miscalculation that would result in the struggle that no one desires. So, if it must be Rahm Emanuel that claims the most obvious, when is that once the overseas minister disappears off the face of earth, no clarification, that is bizarre, OK. And when they’re increasing militarily and say, oh, we need to have excellent army communique, however we would possibly not determine the military-to-military hotline, then they are now not telling the reality, OK. And those are simply information about our dating with China which are unlucky however want to be spoken in order that folks remember the fact that, in any case, if the Chinese language executive does not need to have interaction, find it irresistible says it does, there may be now not so much we will do except for to rally our allies to protect ourselves, which I believe is what they are doing.

MARGARET BRENNAN: And we will see if Xi Jinping finally ends up coming to The us in November probably to satisfy with Joe Biden.

DAVID SANGER: We are — we are taking bets.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Sure. Unclear. I do not know what wager you might tackle that one. However I can – I can defer. We are going to have to go away the dialog there regardless that, and we will be proper again.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Ahead of we move nowadays, we need to congratulate Coco Gauff, the primary American to win the U.S. Open as a youngster since 1999 when Serena Williams received on the age of simply 17. That is her first primary event victory. President Biden referred to as her.

That is it for us nowadays. Thanks inquisitive about staring at.

Till subsequent week, for FACE THE NATION, I am Margaret Brennan.


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